Classic Treks

Trekking in Nepal is an intense cultural experience as well as an exploration of one of the world’s most trekking-friendly and spectacular environments. Home to 8 of the world’s 10 highest mountains, Nepal has a staggering number of routes suitable for trekkers of all ages and abilities stretching the length of the country from the boarders of Sikkim in the East to Uttar Pradesh in the far West.

Home to four main trekking regions – Everest, The Annapurna’s, Langtang and Helambhu – the pathways you will tread will not only take you past some of the world’s highest mountains and through jaw-dropping scenery, but will envelop you in the spirit of Nepal and its people. As you pass through villages following traditional trade routes, you will be given an insight into life in rural Nepal and marvel at the adaptability, resilience and tenacity of Nepal’s different ethnic groups.

There are two main seasons for trekking in Nepal, the spring season March – May and the autumn season, mid September to mid November. Trekking outside of these times is possible in some regions, however, the weather can be extremely cold or wet but definitely unpredictable. Trekking permits are required for all non nationals for each of the national parks and for those routes that are in a conservation area, you will be required to pay a conservation area fee as well.