OUR TEAM - Ngima Dawa Sherpa , Trainee Guide/Cook


From the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal, Dawa comes from a traditional Sherpa family with deep roots in both farming and trekking.  As the youngest child, his early years (4 – 11 years old), were spent as a monk in the Pema Choling Monastery, Solu Khumbu.  Aged 16 he followed his father and older brother into the trekking industry, starting out as a porter.  Dawa’s talent for cooking, soon lead to him progress to work as a trekking cook and he is a master of producing delicious, healthy  meals from the most basic of ingredients.  Always keen to learn and improve himself, we are encouraging Dawa to move up the ranks once more and he now works with us as a trainee guide, while still cooking for our clients when required.

When he is not up in the mountains, Dawa enjoys cooking for pleasure, reading history books and spending time with his little boy.