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Nepal Earthquake Relief
Update #25
April 25, 2016

One year on. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who suffered and who continue to suffer. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated to our rebuild fund, and for enabling us to play a small part in rebuilding this amazing and beautiful country. We are continuing to work alongside rural communities to bring new […]

Update #24
February 16, 2016

The devastation was as vast and as jaw dropping as the beauty that surrounded it. Not a single building survived last April and May’s devastating earthquakes. The traditional stone and slate houses that had once seemed so sturdy, a natural part of the landscape were no longer recognisable. Ancient villages returned to the earth and […]

Update #23
December 12, 2015

Back in October we posted about what was happening or more realistically, what wasn’t happening due to the unofficial blockade imposed by India. Two months later and the situation hasn’t changed, if anything it has got worse, as to rub salt into the wounds, the electricity everyone has been so reliant upon for cooking due […]

Update #22
October 17, 2015

As the monsoon rains lashed the country and our rebuild plans ground to a halt until the dry weather returned, the political parties finally came together to find consensus on the long awaited new Constitution of Nepal – something that has been eluding them for the last 8 years! Hurrah we all thought, finally something […]

Update #21
September 3, 2015

Our latest mission was once again back to Sindapulchowk with more bolts of material, tailors and sewing machines to make school uniforms for the 323 students and their teachers at Shree Ram Secondary School, in the village of Chokati. Given that a road bridge along the way had been damaged in a flash flood, the […]

Update #20
August 20, 2015

Last week we headed back to Sindapulchowk with more school supplies, but this time to check out a sub health post destroyed in the earthquake and that we have been asked to help rebuild. The roads were horrendous, more mud and water than anything else thanks to the monsoon rains and persistent landslides. We failed […]

Update #19
August 11, 2015

After receiving a request to help rebuild their school with a permanent structure from the Principal and School Management Committee of Shree Aarukhaka Primary School in Yarsa VDC, Rasuwa, it was decided that before any commitment could be given, a recce should be made to assess the feasibility of the project. With the school only […]

Update #18
July 27, 2015

Taking advantage of the quieter monsoon season, HQ staff member, Nima Dawa Sherpa made the long trip back to his village, Gudel in the Solukumbu region with 60 tarps to replace those already worn out by the harsh mountain weather. This small mountain village, located at 2000m above sea level is home to 60 households, […]

Update #17
July 9, 2015

While Saroj and his team were rebuilding classrooms in Syangja District in the west of Nepal, a second team, headed by Krishna Rai and Parker Webb were at the opposite end of the country, rebuilding a small primary school in Tallo Skiri, a village near Jiri, in the very hard hit eastern Dolakha region. While […]

Update #16
July 3, 2015

We are glad to report that Upallo Pekhu Secondary School, in Syangja District is now the happy owner of two rebuilt/restored classrooms thanks to the efforts of Himalayan Quests and the local community. This old government school which has been educating children from rural communities for 64 years, was badly damaged during the earthquake, with […]

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