About us

Himalayan Quests (HQ) is a Nepali company run by Amrit and Kate Ale. Amrit is an internationally accredited outdoors expert and educator, with over a decade of experience leading treks, expeditions and experiential learning courses at home and abroad. Alongside HQ he also works as an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and experiential learning market leader, Where There Be Dragons. Each winter he teaches ice climbing for the Khumbu Climbing Centre, teaching high altitude Sherpas technical skills ahead of the expedition season. Kate’s background is in global event management, but since 2004, she has been running grass roots development and volunteer programmes in Nepal.

HQs services are aimed at helping those people wanting to experience the adventure of Nepal, but who don’t want to pay international prices or leave the organisation of their holiday to chance once they arrive in country. Focusing on off the tourist trail routes giving you firsthand experience of real Himalayan life, HQ will create for you a tailor-made trip of a life time according to your requirements, budgets and time scales. Each itinerary is created to suit your interests and desires, giving you as much help, guidance or freedom as you wish, while maintaining the company’s responsible travel ethics.


We are professional and reliable, with a genuine desire to fulfil your dreams while working side by side with the communities we encounter.

We are a Nepali organisation made up of outdoor professionals with both international and local experience and thus have unparalleled knowledge of our country, its customs and people, which we gladly share with all our clients.

We will not sell you an off the shelf package requiring minimum numbers, but will work with you to develop the travel experience you have always dreamt of. Through the provision of exceptional service and support directly connecting you to the people and places of Nepal, we will always aim to exceed your expectations.

We deliver true value, through the provision of exceptional products at competitive prices, but not at the cost of the environment or our social responsibilities.

We believe in honesty and service with no hidden costs or surprises and through our sister NGO, the Himalayan Quests Foundation, work to support rural communities in the fields of health care and education.