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Himalayan Quests (HQ) is a Nepali company run by an internationally accredited outdoors expert, educator and enthusiast, with over a decade of experience leading trips and expeditions at home and abroad.

HQs services are aimed at helping those people wanting to experience the adventure of Nepal, but who don’t want to pay international prices or leave the organisation of their holiday to chance once they arrive in country. Focusing on off the tourist trail routes giving you firsthand experience of real Himalayan life, HQ will create for you a tailor-made trip of a life time according to your requirements, budgets and time scales. Each itinerary is created to suit your interests and desires, giving you as much help, guidance or freedom as you wish, while maintaining the company’s responsible travel ethics.

All you have to do is simply tell us what activities you want to do, when you are planning to come, how long you are planning to come for and what your budget constraints are. Through direct consultation, we will then create the perfect itinerary for you.